Confidence Restored

Total loss of confidence through nervous breakdown from overload and unachievable goals

Over the phone, Alex said he was desperate. He insisted on coming to see me, and got on the train from North Yorkshire to London just for an appointment. He had been in the same role for a number of years, was well respected, responsible for the delivery of a number of large projects in different locations for a major outsourcing systems group. As a result of the incredible shortage of resources under his control to perform his role, he found that he was unable to deliver the quality required. He was very concerned for the consequences for the ultimate clients. He was surrounded by conflict on many fronts. In three hours we covered a great many NLP and hypnotic techniques and set a pathway for future work to be done. The greatest changes were in his countenance, posture and gait. He arrived looking a certain age and height, grey complexion, beaten expression, poor posture, breathing heavily and with effort. His voice was weak. He left looking taller, upright, smiling and breathing easily and about ten years younger. He sounded confident and strong and looked now like he could manage the job he was employed to do, in a manner comfortable to him, in which his conscience was clear. He said he felt properly in control, and that he was his old self of many years previous. This was the start of an ongoing process of continued strengthening which he now had the tools to perform.