Mentoring Frameworks


Design and implementation of mentoring frameworks within organisations

It is universally acknowledged that People are the most valuable asset within any organisation, and yet it is very rare that organisations reflect this understanding in any tangible form of mentoring programme within it. WWJ is able to establish the foundations of a learning and skills exchange culture to ensure the People can be their best to the benefit of themselves and the organisation.

This concept applies to a whole range of capabilities to enhance the working environment and achieve cultural change, some of which are listed below:

  • Assertiveness
  • Effective communication
  • Specific techniques e.g. Time Management, Meeting control
  • Negotiation e.g. workload, deadlines, education
  • Delivery – form, content, volume, anticipation
  • Understanding from all perspectives
  • Judgement
  • Succession planning
  • Active and effective listening
  • Technical or role specific skills

In an organisation with an effective mentoring framework, the whole is very much greater than the sum of the parts.