Joy has helped many people with M.E. The difficulty here is in deciding which cases would be the most helpful to sufferers. As a result, 4 combined cases have been compiled from representative cases for each type of sufferer.

The analysis is key to discovering what patterns are responsibile for creating and holding the condition and also for stopping recovery. My observations are that, typically, the M.E. sufferer will be locked in an extreme combination of physical and emotional stress that creates a feedback loop. Once the key to this loop has been identified, the way forward is clear and the process to recovery can progress in a relatively straighforward way.

Many of the symptoms mentioned are common to all 4 types. TheĀ  symptoms included under each case type are predominent.

M.E. Case 1: Quiet, confident, perfectionist, low energy, relapses every 6 months or so into total lethargy, depression, sleeps 20 hours per day during relapses, and largely confined to bed. Has had M.E. for about 3 -10 years. Average recovery time* from first consultation = 8 weeks, 4 sessions, 6 hours of consultation.
*where recovery time is defined as able to attend full time work and enjoy leisure time.

M.E. Case 2: Brash, confident exterior, former high flier. Had M.E. for 2-4 years. Switches between being insomniac and sleeping for several days on end. No energy, body aches and suffers severe memory problems, and dramatic mood swings. The analysis revealed major insecurity to the point of terror and very low self esteem. Average recovery time from first consultation = 12 weeks. 5 sessions, 8 hours of consultation.

M.E. Case 3: Over achiever, historically. Bed-ridden. No energy, even to eat. Suicidal thoughts. Few periods of even slight energy. Recovery time – 15 weeks, 6 sessions, 9 hours of consultation.

M.E. Case 4: Approval seeker. Similar symptoms to Case 3. Responds very adversely to criticism and needs constant reassurance. Intermittant totally debilitating depression. Average recovery time from first consultation = 10 weeks, 5 sessions, 7 hours of consultation.