Redundancy Grief

Devastation following brutal sacking

Liz was a very senior executive, with a very high powered, high profile role in a pioneering and aggressive company. During the probationary period, she worked very hard, turned things around, achieved the targets given her within the tight deadlines set, and generally thought she was appreciated and valued. On the day before her probation ended, she was fired without explanation. She was in shock. Her confidence was shattered, and she was feeling worthless and fearful that she would not get another job, especially with her current state of self doubt and low energy. She was worried at the mounting debt, and being unable to sell the house in a poor market. When she came to me, it was clear that she was devastated – understandably hurt, angry, resentful, and there were many other issues to be unearthed, many of them around self worth and confidence. By using many techniques, including NLP and counselling, she was able to identify many more options available to her than seemed initially apparent. She was able to change perspective, and to treat the new situation as a wonderful opportunity presented to her. Her energy returned, her outlook on life improved, and she managed to enjoy the new job-hunting process as challenging and entertaining. Within a short time, for this market, she secured a job she is thoroughly thrilled with, for greater remuneration, in a nurturing, rather than aggressive environment, making great progress for the company and being appreciated in the process.