It’s not me it’s my staff

The senior executive who came “to see what benefits could be gained for his staff” with apparently nothing to be done for himself!!

When Harry and I were discussing the potential for mentoring the staff in his division, he wanted a greater understanding of the processes I had described, especially of NLP and its application in changing behavioural skills. We decided that an example session would be the best way for him to decide which of the avenues we had discussed would be the most appropriate approach. He was at pains to point out that the idea was not that he himself  was to have mentoring, given that he felt that he was already an effective communicator, a logical and rational decision maker and very comfortable with his interpersonal skills, but that he was to assess its appropriateness for his people. After the session, he said he was very surprised at the revelationary nature of the process, and how it had broadened his perspective and opened his mind to a whole new way of experiencing. He surprised me by asking for the executive one-to-one programme for himself, in the form of a 2-hourly session, monthly. He later told me how he looked forward to the valuable learnings emerging from these sessions, and found himself really benefiting from incorporating the new skills into his life.