In my experience there are two types of stammering symptoms –
1. Constant and
2. Intermittant, situation based

In the constant cases, it is far easier to deal with symptoms which I can witness. Intermittant stammering tends to be more difficult to treat, as they tend to be so relaxed when they sit in front of me that they can’t produce a symptom for me. Hmmn!

The causes are many and various, which I won’t go into here.

The resolution, as with the other conditions relies very heavily on analysis of how the condition is created, and this can range from how the person experiences a particular situation to struggling over a particular word.

The following are just some of the issues that have presented in cases I have dealt with:

1. Poor breathing
2. Situational links to a past event, creating a replica response.
3. Feedback distortion
4. Poor thought structure
5. Time perception distortion
6. Perception of being judged critically/
7. Self fulfilling anticipation
8. Taking responsibility for the perception of others.

Resolution for intermittant cases averages 4 consultations of 1 hour each. For constant cases is usually a singel consultation 2.5 hours.