Corporate Clients

The full version of these testimonials will be provided on request. The clients themselves have volunteered to be available by phone, or in person, if practicable, to relate their experience for the benefit of those wishing to find out more first hand.

Here are a few of our more well known clients:

Mitsubishi Corporation
Business Link
Credit Suisse First Boston
Linde Material Handling
Stiefel laboratories

Executive One to One Programme:
“I believe the work you are doing in this area is transformational and will be of significant benefit to anyone in a senior management position. In particular I found it was able to develop solutions that were tailored to the specific issues that I face as a partner in one of the Big 5 consulting firms”
ID – Partner, Big 5 Consultancy groups, London.

Powerful Personal Presentations (email following successful interview)
“hi joy,
do you know the one about the guy who convinced himself he was invincible?
he was.”
JG, Investment Manager, International Bank

Executive One to One Programme:
“Having worked my way up the managerial ladder I felt that I knew how handle myself and how to deal with people – coaching was for other people that needed help.  So when Joy first discussed it with me I didn’t take it seriously.  A few weeks later I happened to be talking to Joy but was distracted due to a situation in the office – she could tell there was something on my mind and asked that we talk about it – and it was a revelation.  Soon after that I started going to coaching sessions and it has been a fantastic experience – broadening my frame
of thinking, understanding of interpersonal dynamics, enhancing self-understanding and control.  I now recommend it to everyone.”
HB, Director, International Investment Bank

Executive One to One Mentoring:
“I do not know how to express my deep appreciation to you. It is really much, much more than you think. You did a great job for me.”
Y.O., Divisional Director, Japanese Multinational,Tokyo

Group Programmes:
“Joy combines intellect, logic and intuition with an extensive range of coaching and facilitation techniques to produce far reaching results.”
V.O, Senior Programme Manager, Private Investment bank, London

One to One Mentoring:
“Joy has been a pleasure to work with and has provided us with excellent service – I would highly recommend her to anyone.”
CJ – Associate Director, Financial Markets, Royal Bank of Scotland, London

Keeping on Track:
“Without you I would never have been able to cope with the events of the last month and I still cannot believe how well I have adapted to the situation and the way in which I have gone about my life in general….I feel that I have achieved a sense of peace with myself that I can only attribute to what you have brought into my life and thank you is totally inadequate for the way I feel.
SNT – Managing Director, IT Systems integration company, Yorkshire