Performance anxiety

Debilitating fear in encounters with superiors

After a series of monthly mentoring sessions with Richard, about which he was very enthusiastic and which he found very beneficial in his work as a very senior executive in an International firm, we unearthed a very deep rooted and inappropriate fear. Further exploration  revealed that this fear appeared unexpectedly, and for no apparent reason, in meetings with high profile clients and superiors. He felt that this affected his performance, markedly, although he thought he managed to look calm.

Having performed quite detailed data gathering, and some conscious level analysis, the generic criterion for its appearance was defined: The criterion was a situation in which he perceived others had control over his future, and stemmed from a single occasion in his childhood. Quite unusually in this kind of work, it was appropriate¬† for me to perform a phobia transformation. This was done, and to Richard’s absolute amazement and bliss, (an occurrance he was getting quite used to by now), the fear was gone and still is.