Obsessive compulsive fear of the worst that could happen

Angela could not work, in fact she could hardly do anything, initially, not even sleep, being in a constant state of terror. From being in a good job she loved, and with friends around her, she became totally debilitated for no apparent reason. It took a long time for all the issues to be unearthed and resolved – about two months and almost 30 hours of intense sessions, (many of them by telephone at time of great need), which is unusually slow for my “brief therapy” approach, but very rapid compared with the conventional route for this kind of condition. The sleep was tackled immediately, which paved the way for the other situations to be explored and resolved. Eventually, and using many, many NLP, counselling and hypnotic techniques she was able to develop a new state of self competence. Thanks to her own willingness as a client to take these on board, and with other support around her, Angela was restored to a state of strength she says is better than she has felt before.