The BUDI System

Joy Ainley - 1mg
Working With Joy changes lives….
Working With Joy brings about dramatic personal growth.
Joy has developed the BUDI system. The BUDI system is a very precise yet fluid methodology enabling you to fulfil your aims in life.
The effectiveness of the BUDI system has been tried and tested in an extensive range of contexts. In essence it’s about learning how to identify and remove the causes of mental, emotional and physical
discomfort in your life and start living at your core. The result is success in your work, your relationships, your health, your wealth. In fact all aspects of your life become easier.

The BUDI (pronounced buddy) system is central to our programs. BUDI is the unique personal analysis and learning tool that empowers groundbreaking personal development. It is designed to reveal the hidden thinking patterns that influence all aspects of your life – your work; every relationship; your health, wealth and state of happiness.BUDI has a wide range of applications as diverse as developing real leadership for high flying executives through to dealing with autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis (see typical IBD case history).The B.U.D.I. name derives from the stages within the process: Body-neuro-feedback, Understanding, Dialogue and Intervention: Analysis of the individual is made and tested using clear direct feedback from the entire being – verbal, physical, neural and physiological.This powerful mentoring process is designed to reveal the deeply buried thought patterns that drive your actions and that are responsible for much of the subsequent outcomes. You will identify which thought patterns lead to your positive self e.g. courage, determination and success and those which lead to acts of self sabotage, fear, and damage.

The BUDI system shows you how to adopt new thinking patterns that attract more of the results you want in all aspects of your life and less of those you don’t.
Once you understand how to create in yourself and others the states that are conducive to healthy actions you will be far more effective and life will be so much easier as a result!

Water runs along the line of least resistance. We help you learn how to find your line of least resistance, and flow to your highest power!

Having completed a BUDI program you will be in a very different space.

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