Scrapheap Syndrome

Despair at demotion at work and at the likelihood of redundancy.

Evan was the head of a significant part of a very large group. This was a very senior position, and it seems that he was well respected and liked by everyone. With the decline in his sector of the economy, his division was downsized and he was relocated to a position which he felt was very much junior to the previous one. He felt very undervalued and concerned for his financial position, especially as there had been very many redundancies of people in a similar position. He asked me how I could help him recover his confidence. In a two hour session, his positive attitude was restored, new perspectives found and we had developed a dynamic plan for the future, to be refined and monitored in future sessions. He very enthusiastically took on board al that we had covered, which directly resulted in some real positive changes in his work situation and a far more comfortable, secure and happy outlook, which is still progressing.