Background and Experience

Joy Ainley three quarters

Joy spent 13 years in the City of London as a CFO, responsible for organisational change before becoming a, systems focused, change management consultant within a major investment bank.

Her career has always been associated with designing and implementing change driven by a desire to make things work better.

A shift in focus from business and I.T. systems towards “people systems” led her to study NLP, (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) becoming a Master Business Practitioner and moving on to study the psychotherapeutic disciplines from which much of NLP was derived. She was awarded a diploma in Advanced level Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy.

Joy established Working with Joy in 2001 to help people overcome self limiting beliefs and achieve the positive changes they desire in their lives. Enabling people to expand their potential and deliver life changing improvements.

Since then Joy has developed a groundbreaking methodology that has now become the B.U.D.I. system. This system is core to every Working With Joy program.

The B.U.D.I. system was key to the development of her pioneering behaviour change software application for helping people with debt and overspending issues. She secured substantial sponsorship from by a high street bank to develop the prototype. He work attracted the attention of The Treasury and her company was invited to contribute to the Thoresen review.

The one-to-one online BUDI program for the relief of Crohn’s Disease is currently the subject of a pilot research project at a highly respected University hospital.

Visit the case history and testimonials sections for both the Private and Corporate programs to gain an understanding of how comprehensive and effective the BUDI system is in bringing about deep and lasting change in a wide range of challenging situations and chronic conditions.