One-To-One Intensive

Gearing up to a higher level of capability and achievement

This programme is designed for executives and senior     managers who are serious about their career and want the very best from their life. This programme has been designed to establish your clear and precise objectives and provides the way to change and optimise your behaviour patterns. This One to One Intensive programme comes with extremely high recommendations from directors of UK PLC’s and international banks as well as senior managers looking for advancement to senior level.

Personal Development includes:

  • Increased clarity, direction and control in your life
  • Increased personal power and leadership
  • Dramatically reduced stress and
  • Significantly increased confidence.

The Behaviour Change Approach

adopted is to identify, through the application of formal conscious and unconscious processes, the specific issues that need attention, and the desired skill sets. Once these have been identified, they will form the agenda for the programme.

The Programme Format

is an initial 2-4 hour process, followed by monthly sessions of 2-3 hours. This proven format safeguards against delegate overload, and optimises the incorporation of new behaviours between sessions. Mentoring by phone is also an option.

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Just a few examples of frequently presented issues are:

Overcoming limiting beliefs
Leadership and influencing skills:Gaining buy-in from peers, subordinates and superiors (overcoming resistance)
Acquiring strategic self management skills eg higher structured thinking
Enhanced strategic thinking
Coaching and mentoring skills to develop talent in others
Dealing with obstacles to achieving objectives.

This programme is available both on line and in person and internationally, by special arrangement.

Before Vs. After

This is a typical “comparison of default states” table showing the “before” and “after” the delegate has undertaken the Intensive Executive Personal Development Programme.
This an actual extract for a senior official of an international bank.


  • Tense, tight, angst-ridden
  • Trepidation, fear of failure and resentment of certain individuals
  • Lack of control, victimhood, frustration, pent up anger
  • Escapist attitude, avoidance of problematic issues – powerlessness
  • Work is a burden


  • Relaxed, neutral, open and ready for any challenge
  • Compassion and understanding for former adversaries, resulting from new self confidence in dealings with them, now the bigger picture is understood
  • In control, calm, confident, able to reach higher ground, able to utilise the newly acquired means to the resolution and a wider selection of options
  • The strategies to initiate action and resolve problems are clear and accessible
  • The burden has been lifted through empowerment
  • Newly acquired management and leadership skills