The BUDI Program


Before you undertake the BUDI Program…..

It is very important to note that before you can enrol on any BUDI program we need to have a chat to establish whether it is right for you. In our conversation we will explore exactly what you are looking to achieve from Working With Joy. If we feel that the BUDI program will deliver the results you are looking for, we then need to be confident that we can work together well.

The BUDI program usually has eight sessions lasting two to four hours each. Sessions are usually held over the phone or by internet messenger e.g. Skype or MSN for its enhanced voice quality: the BUDI program uses fine variations in the voice as one of the key sources of information.

The sessions are intense and compressed but candidates say they are highly engaging and entertaining and pass very quickly. There is usually a lot of laughter, even when the issues being addressed are very serious. Assignments are set for completion between sessions. They play a vital role in achieving progress. They are designed to integrate the learnt new skills into your new life throughout the program.

  • All programs use the groundbreaking tried and tested BUDI system for all applications; health, personal development and executive mentoring.
  • Each program is finely tailored to achieve your specific desired outcomes
  • Program style is adapted to your learning preferences, strengths and style of thinking.
  • Learning is designed to happen naturally and effortlessly and is enjoyable and satisfying.
  • We work at your pace: Sessions are arranged at intervals according to how quickly you implement the assignments into your life.
  • Tangible results can be observed very quickly and throughout the program
  • Progress is calibrated to monitor success
  • Results are tested rigorously to verify lasting desired outcomes are achieved.
  • Follow up process ensures continued success

Specific applications – IBD (Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis)
The IBD BUDI program (for the relief of Crohn’s Disease and Colitis) adapts specifically to the nature of your condition and the pattern of your symptoms. We find out what factors influence your symptoms and then design and test new strategies to help you avoid or overcome them. In this process you acquire powerful and effective new skills that enable you to take action to free yourself from this debilitating condition.